E- Health

The population has become increasingly unhealthy, driven by sedentary lifestyles, high personal stress levels, and poor dietary habits. The result is an increasing disease burden on health systems. Patients demand convenience, home based care is gaining traction, while personalized care, walk in services and virtual queuing are also becoming popular.

The E Health Summit seeks to discuss creative solutions and leverage the best from the public and private sector to significantly improve healthcare access and affordability in the country. It also aims to emphasize that connectivity and access
to information mean healthcare consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and better able to compare quality and outcomes across clinicians and medical service providers.

Imbizo Events is pleased to invite you to be part of this profound event by considering investing resources into The E Health Summit as it will award your company with the premium business opportunity to network with the elite in the health and medical industry in highlighting the latest developments, policies and
growth to develop South Africa.

Read more: http://ehealthsummit.co.za/

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